OBS Tutorial Series The Basics

The default 1080p I don’t do 1080p most of my sources of 720 I stream at 720 I stream at 60fps to as you set that here I would recommend 30 or 60 but um really depends on your bandwidth and stuff how much you have spare there are calculators around where you can calculate how much bitrate you should be using now you really need to do speed tests and stuff because those numbers but um for me I can do 720p at 60 fps with my retro games and it looks ok that’s my little bit rate I really don’t have very good internet so I have to keep worried about that that’s why I bought a powerful CPU to kind of make up for it but these are my settings downscaling lanczos is the best of tvmelayu

The use in my opinion i wouldn’t really use the other two but this isn’t really going to make a noticeable difference for you I don’t think especially with me I’m not really even doing it at all so even if you were I think I think you’ll be fine with lynx-o’s I would just use that one this is really minimal I’d be surprised if you had any impact from this so I really wouldn’t worry about this too much hotkeys are crazy you can actually set hotkeys for nearly everything including your mute buttons and stuff on your audio devices but also pretty much every source that you make will appear in here and you can set a hotkey to make it appear or disappear or whatever the heck you want hotkeys it’s a big list and it’s a huge mess on some of my scenes but it’s there

And if you want to use it though they are advanced has a couple of things you can set your CPU priority in Windows here if you want normal is probably good but if you want to try turning it up messing with that you can give it a shot see what happens renderer I don’t even have opengl I’m not really sure why I don’t but a directory D is what you want to use anyway color format there’s a couple of options here I’m not going to pretend to know a whole lot about it I wouldn’t mess with it unless you needed something other than the defaults really mine is set to full and 709 because I was trying to fix something with my capture card but I think most people will be fine with I believe

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