Tv3 Malaysia The Ultimate Live Streaming Tutorial 2019

Hey how’s it going Andrew wall here and I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know to live stream on youtube the right way I went full time as a livestreamer back in 2011 i’ve done over a thousand youtube live streams and with my team i’ve produced over 5,000 videos that got a billion views on youtube i’ve got all four youtube certifications and trust me youtube live streaming kind of complicated it’s more complicated than Tv3 Malaysia¬†

The other platforms I’m going to make it simple and share with you the best tips tricks and hacks that you need to know to maximize your growth in terms of your audience and to get the most money out of live streaming possible there are four types of live streaming available on youtube this is it youtube events stream now camera and youtube gaming okay I’m gonna explain exactly how all four of those work how to set them all up and what you should do with those four features but first things first you need to go into creator studio to get access to all of this do not use creator studio beta at the time that I’m recording this video live-streaming is not available there for

The settings portion of it okay first things first go to your channel settings right over here on the left hand side and ensure that you have all live streaming related things enabled okay so live streaming be sure that this is enabled go ahead and agree to that embedded live streams you need to go ahead and enable this if you don’t already have that longer videos should be enabled if you don’t already have that enabled go ahead and enable that it is very important but there are two important monetization features super chat as well as channel memberships that you need to ensure are enabled when you are going live super chat and channel memberships will be