listed below is the flight time from Miami to Beijing, China. Flight time is computed as the time from the closest airports to these cities. The closest airport to Miami is Miami International Airport (MIA) and the closest airport to Beijing is Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
Direct flights to beijing from Miami could take 18 hours 5 minutes

Fastest one-stop flight takes close to 18 hours. However, several airlines could take as long as 42 hours based on the stopover location and waiting duration.

Holding out time at intermediate airports might be anywhere between 50 mins to 24 hrs.

Long distance Between Miami, United States & Beijing, China is 12490 Kilo Meters

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Discover Miami: The Cultural Illustrates of a Sultry City
Miami is a gorgeous city with many tropical influences. The nightlife and the latino personality give this young city a ‘sultry look’. The television serie ‘Miami Vice’ has indisputably contributed to the image of a city full of exhilaration and thrill. And, to be honest, numerous residents of Miami love to party. The several bars, discos and clubs in Miami and Miami Beach are – even on weekdays – open until the early hours. Yet, Miami has much more to provide than just partying and entertainment. In this post you will find some tips to discover the cultural highlights in Miami and Miami Seashore.

Holocaust Memorial: a spectacular monument

Miami and the 2nd world war are not often associated with each other. However, one of the most amazing monuments (the Holocaust Memorial) to commemorate the victims of this terrible war is located in Miami Beach. This amazing monument is dedicated to the six million Jews who were killed during the second world war. Absolutely worth a visit.

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Coral Gables: Picasso and a distinctive swimming pool

Coral Gables is seemingly a quiet residential area in the south of Miami. Yet, you will find a few fascinating highlights in this neighborhood. For example, the Lowe Art Museum which attributes paintings by Picasso, Monet and Gauguin. This museum is situated on the grounds of the University of Miami and is absolutely a ‘must-visit’ for art lovers. One more must-see is the Venetian Pool. This is a pool created in an old quarry. The pool is stuffed with water from a fresh water supply. This makes the Venetian Pool the biggest freshwater pool in the United States.

Coconut Grove: historical past, science and art

The luxurious neighborhood Coconut Grove in the south of Miami is a heaven for art lovers. The famous Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is situated in a beautiful villa. Visitors can take pleasure in unique paintings, furniture and carpets that where created between the fifteenth and the nineteenth century. For inquisitive people, the Miami Museum of Science is absolutely worth a visit.

Little Havana: enjoy Cuba in Miami

The southern affects of Miami are most visible in the Little Havana district in down-town Miami. This is the existing space of many Cuban immigrants and the location is full of characteristic Cuban stores and restaurants. Stay alert during a visit, because regrettably there is pretty much crime in this district.

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